Magnet Programs

G.W. Carver Middle School is a forerunner in the nation, being the only public middle school recognized by the French, German, Italian and Spanish governments and accredited by Spain . The major focus at G.W. Carver Middle School is to provide educational parity with the European systems and to compete successfully in the international arena using the best of the U.S. system. The academic program strives to raise student achievement to world-class standards by providing a curriculum that emphasizes student-centered learning, competency in a foreign language and training in technology. G.W. Carver Middle School offers two unique programs that provide students with knowledge to live successfully in an international world.

International Education Program (IE)

The International Education program is a rigorous academic program with an advanced and honors curriculum that enables high achieving students to study French, German or Spanish. The language component of the IE program consists of two courses annually; one course emphasizes grammar and vocabulary, the other focuses on communication. This program prepares students for any academically rigorous high school program. The entry level is 6th grade only.

International Studies Program (IS)

The IS program is a challenging academic program with an international perspective that promotes better understanding of other nations, cultures and languages. Most students enter this program from Sunset Elementary’s IS program speaking, reading and writing French, German or Spanish proficiently, from G. W. Carver Elementary’s Italian program, or as nationals from the corresponding countries. However, any student that is proficient in Spanish, French, Italian or German may apply. IS students study language, as well as, humanities and math (excluding German, and Italian IS) in French, German, Italian or Spanish. The IS program receives recognition and input from the participating foreign governments and provides the opportunity for citizens of these countries to continue their education in their native language. Students may enter in 6th, 7th or 8th grade based on meeting criteria, passing a language proficiency exam, and space availability.


Both the IS and IE programs provide a specially designed interdisciplinary course of studies in a balanced curriculum that is consistent with current programs in Miami Dade County Public Schools for grades six through eight. All courses at Carver are at an advanced or honors level.